The Road to Happiness
Melody Savage, This Divine Life
Melody will be leading guided meditation in this workshop which is probably the easiest form of meditation as all you have to do is sit quietly and comfortably – chairs will be provided – and listen to the sound of her voice!
Melody is a mentor, meditation teacher and speaker. Her purpose is to empower you to live the life you have always dreamt of. Her teaching style is very relaxed, informal and fun.

"I believe in keeping things simple. As human beings we have a tendency to overthink things – don’t you agree?" says Melody. "What we often need is some time out, away from our normal routine and a different perspective. This is what I provide through my courses, workshops and retreats."

 The Road to Happiness

We are here to be happy – nothing more, nothing less. The sole purpose of meditation is to learn to access your very own source of happiness. And although Melody cannot guarantee that you will be eternally happy after just one session, she is confident that you will leave more relaxed than when you arrived.

The workshop is suitable for all levels whether you are an absolute beginner or whether you have meditated for many years. Older children are also welcome to attend if they are interested. (As a guide we would say 10 years plus.)

Although the workshop is 45 minutes you will not be expected to sit still or to meditate for the whole session. There will be a brief introduction and then everyone will meditate together for about 20 minutes. There will then be an opportunity for those who wish to share their experiences or to ask questions.
Saturday 23rd September

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