The Chilled Out Child
Tania Ferreira, Cognisance Coach and EFT Master Practitioner
This workshop will show families simple meditation and mindfulness concepts to incorporate into everyday life, helping the whole family manage anxiety and have more calm, clarity and connection in their lives.

Tania is a Yoga Alliance International accredited yoga teacher, EFT Master Practitioner and meditation and mindfulness facilitator and trainer.  She created the Chilled Out Child programme for individuals who would like to learn how to teach meditation and mindfulness to children and families in their local community and has more recently set up an initiative called Heart Centred Healing aimed at helping women returning to the workplace or currently in the workplace manage anxiety. 

Her  mission is to bring the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques, meditation and mindfulness, to anyone who wishes to have more calm, clarity and connection in their lives and who wish to help facilitate these positive attributes in others.​

The Chilled Out Child Programme

The Chilled Out Child was founded whilst Tania was living abroad and teaching yoga, meditation and mindful living concepts to children and teenagers in yoga studios, community centres and schools. 

In 2014, Tania ran the first Chilled Out Child programme which focuses on mentoring adults to bring meditation and mindfulness into the lives of children in their communities.  Now back in the UK, the initial programme has evolved and is 12 weeks long and has been accredited by Meditation Alliance International (India), with continued mentoring support for as long as required.
Friday 22nd September

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