The correct way to strengthen your pelvic floor
To help with incontinence and improve your sex life
Suzi Bennett, Advanced Pilates practitioner
Some of us  have a secret – a leaking pelvic floor! We keep it hidden or we joke about it. But it can lead to isolation and a loss of self esteem. In this talk Suzi will teach where the pelvic floor is and how to correctly strengthen it with some simple exercises. She will also talk about how good nutrition can help maintain a healthy pelvic floor.

Suzi says "Part of my job is to try to make women feel more comfortable about talking about pelvic floor issues and helping them to over come them, too many of us hide any issues and see it as embarrassing.  What really interests me is what lies deep within not a flashy six pack! Nope not bothered about that!

Being aware of your pelvic floor also helps you to focus more inwardly and start to feel and visualise your inner core muscles so that when you are doing any type of activity you know you are firing up on the inside too. I feel that if we all had more inner core awareness, and that doesn’t just mean pregnant, or postnatal but all of us I really think it could save the NHS so much money and in turn improve the quality of our lives."

Suzi is an Advanced Pilates practitioner, Holistic health Coach and mother to Isla and Max. In 2005 she achieved accredited matwork member status with the Pilates Foundation and she has been teaching ever since building a loyal client base and promoting a healthy body image and a feeling of strength and vitality in all her classes.

On the back of her thriving Pilates business, established over the last 10 years, Suzi has extended her passion into developing a grassroots network more broadly in the areas of health and nutrition.  In 2016 she gained a certification with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Suzi’s passion and advocacy for health and wellness is backed up by extensive vocational qualifications.  She has a special interest in pre & post natal fitness and in 2010 she gained certification with the world renowned Canadian team Fit To Deliver and worked closely with Baby-A -Wake where she learned not only about working with clients in this specialist area but also the importance of pelvic floor.
With her expertise, authenticity and ‘can do’ attitude she passionately believes in maintaining a healthy body image with Pilates and she aims to clear up any confusion surrounding the pelvic floor and teach people how to go deep and connect.
Friday 22nd September

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