Healthy Habits Healthy Life
Susie Flashman Jarvis, The Bespoke Coach
Susie is an executive coach based in the UK. She loves to see people thrive and develop. She is also a keen writer and speaker. Her latest passion is Ezra her grandson who has changed her world. 

In her talk, Healthy Habits Healthy Life, Susie asks "Do you live well, or are you like many of us, challenged by life and all that it throws at us?"

She will give tips and insights to support you in living a healthy life, including:
  • understanding the habits that define us
  • living authentically
  • knowing your limitations
  • push yourself flexing not stressing
  • self-care vs burnout
  • keeping good company
  • all about balance
  • living to our potential

Please contact Susie via her website if you would like to chat to her about her coaching options.
Saturday 23rd September

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