Pilates Sessions
Studio One PIlates
‘We love to move and we want you to explore the benefits of mindful movement and fitness too”

This is Steph and Helen from Studio One's ethos they share at their Pilates and Gyrotonic studio in Tunbridge Wells.

Pilates is based around a series of low impact conditioning movements performed through a range of mat and equipment based exercises. Gyrotonic compliments Pilates perfectly as it simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body using patterns consisting of circular, spiralling and rotating movements.

Steph and Helen focus on rebalancing muscle use throughout the entire muscular-skeletal system, which in turn improves posture, mobility and flexibility of the spine. Pilates is the perfect exercise for developing lean muscles without adding bulk.

They want to guide their clients through a workout, not only on their bodies, but helping them to relax, unwind and connect to themselves.

Join the Studio One pilates sessions at Health & Wellbeing Live – suitable for all levels – and let them create a bespoke fitness plan to suit your needs.
Friday 22nd September

Saturday 23rd September

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