Joelle Williams, Wellbeing Sophrology
The aim of this workshop is to experience some gentle techniques and acquire some practical tools to deal with sleep issues. There will be a short questionnaire followed by a brief presentation about Sophrology and some practical exercises to experience Sophrology in the body.  At the end of the session, there will be some time to integrate the experience and possibly record some thoughts. 

What is Sophrology?

Little known in the UK, Sophrology (the study of consciousness in harmony) is used in Europe in hospitals and schools, by individuals and companies as a stand alone or complementary therapy in many areas such as preparing for an event (exam, public speaking, birth], enhancing sporting performances, addressing stress issues or sleep problems.  It is often used as a step towards using other resources e.g. starting counselling sessions, prior to medical procedures..
Sophrology: calm the body to calm the mind (and vice versa!)

Simply put, Sophrology practice consists of breathing exercises, gentle movements, concentration and guided visualization sessions, all performed in a state of aware relaxation (which allows the brain to be more receptive, facilitates problem-solving and helps you feel more in control).  Exercises and movements are practiced in between sessions for better integration.  

How can Sophrology help with sleep issues?

Over the course of several sessions,in a group or a one-to-to-one setting, we develop an understanding of our sleep problems, learn techniques to relax, to go back to sleep, to visualise a good night’s sleep and get some information about sleep aimed at a non-professional audience (how many phases in the sleep “train”, differences between REM and non-REM, main factors affecting sleep patterns such as body cycles, food, environment).
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