Free the Mind
Simon Lee
Simon Lee has been a human experience coach for 24 years. He has spent most of his life studying and practising the art of philosophy and Eastern Warrior personal development as well as cutting-edge Western Neuroscience and Quantum Physics. He aims to help people build a resilient, yet open mind to achieve true fulfilment.

‘Free the Mind’, brings a breakthrough, revolutionary approach to the rapid expansion of mental health issues here in the UK and worldwide.  Simon is the first person to teach three essential elements at the same time to achieve permanent personal transformation.  These three elements are:

  • Psychology – Our thought process, how we think about ourselves and others.
  • Physiology – How we move and exercise to challenge existing thoughts and beliefs via the body.
  • Energy –The food we eat and how it affects our minds.

In this innovative and revealing talk Simon shares parts of his own story and journey combined with his vast experience in treating many aspects of mental health, especially within men, and why he believes this ongoing crisis is happening.
Saturday 23rd September

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