Raw Chocolate
Cooking Demonstration
Alison Nixon, Health & Wellbeing Coach
Alison Nixon is a Health & Wellbeing Coach and a raw chocolate and nut butter fanatic. Combining over 10 years as an educator with a board certification as a Health and Wellbeing Coach, Alison’s engaging way of delivering wellness information has enabled many people to positively transform their lives.

After experiencing many health problems herself, including depleting herself while teaching mathematics in schools, Alison understands what a daily struggle can feel like and the role that emotions can play upon one’s life.

Alison is on a mission to change the way we eat, move and think! She wants to support people to enjoy the practice of fuelling with nutrient-dense food so that people can have more energy to confidently do the things that they love. She enjoys helping people to get to their next level of health and wellbeing.

Through powerful wellness talks, coaching and consulting, Alison shares methods and tools that have enabled her clients to become healthier, happier and with more energy to do the things that they love. Alison inspires and empowers people to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing because she believes we know our own bodies the best.

Many people think that making your own raw chocolate is difficult. In her cooking demonstration, Alison is going to show you just how easy it is. In less than 30 minutes she will show you just how to create a tasty raw chocolate treat that is delicious and totally good for you, non-addictive, wheat, refined sugar and dairy free... totally junk free! This demonstration is for all those chocolates lovers out there. Alison promises that you will never look at a conventional chocolate the same again.
Saturday 23rd September

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