Om Nom NoTella Nuggets
Cooking Demonstration
Silke Thistlewood, Om Nom Nourish
In this demonstration Silke will be demonstrating how to make Om Nom Nourish's best selling NoTella flavour Om Nom Nuggets. Tried and tested by grown ups and children alike (Silke's kids think it's chocolate!) they taste amazingly like a well known chocolate spread but are refined sugar, gluten and dairy free.

Silke will be including information on how to make this and other recipes nut free, and how to add nutritionally dense ingredients into energy bites to make them super snacks for all.

The idea for Om Nom Nourish was born when Silke and her husband were preparing to have their second child. Silke wanted snacks that she could eat "guilt free" - a term that now actually makes her shudder!

She started putting together a list of recipes that would be good to have on hand in times of sleep deprivation and stress. Foods that would taste great, would keep / freeze well, and tick a number of nutritional boxes. 

It occurred to her that every other mum she knew made pretty poor food choices at least at the start of motherhood, and that most other people make poor snack choices, especially in times of high stress. So she made the decision then to create Om Nom Nourish as a business that would provide healthier snacks for everyone.
Friday 22nd September

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