Body Weight Circuit
Nuffield Health
This is a class that is designed for all levels of fitness. Various exercises  will be undertaken to target the entire body without using any equipment.

Combining both strength and fitness exercises you will leave feeling completely energised!

Nuffield Health MOT

The Health MOT is a health check carried out by one of Nuffield Health’s Wellbeing Personal Trainers, and is designed to give a full picture of your health and fitness. The Health MOT will measure a number of areas including:

• Body mass index (BMI)
• Waist to hip ratio
• Cholesterol
• Blood pressure
• Blood sugar level

Each Health MOT will take 10 minutes to complete and are completely free of charge at Health and Wellbeing Live.
Body Weight Circuit Sessions

Friday 22nd + Saturday 23rd September

Health MOTs

Friday 22nd + Saturday 23rd September

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