Mediterranean Food
Cooking Demonstration
Bruce McMichael, Food & Drink Writer, The Lemon Grove
Bruce is an award winning food and drink writer with a special interest in using citrus fruits in his cooking. He has published and edited two critically acclaimed food magazines, Taste Shropshire and Taste Herefordshire, and written books on starting your own food and drink business.

A member of the Guild of Food Writers and the international Slow Food organisation, Bruce has a special interest in eating seasonally and buying fresh produce from local farmers’ markets and farm shops. He works to maintain the link between farming and food while using the cuisines of Italy, Spain, France and other Mediterranean countries to enhance his cooking.

In his cooking demonstration Bruce will sharing techniques and tips through creating a Mediterranean-inspired dish, boosted by the addition of refreshing lemon juice and zest. His demo will seek to demystify the science and art of food and so boost the confidence of home cooks creating healthy, nutritious meals for themselves, friends and families.
Friday 22nd September

Saturday 23rd September

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