Eating Disorders – dispelling the myths and misconceptions
Izabela Tolowinska BSc. MPH
Izabela Tolowinska is a Consultant Scientific Advisor with over 30 years of experience in medical research. She is also involved with several medical research charities including Beat, the charity for eating disorders.

There is a lot of stigma and many myths and misconceptions around eating disorders. This talk will cover some of the issues that people with eating disorders experience, the impact it has on them, their friends and family members.

Izabela will be sharing some of her personal experience of people experiencing and living with an eating disorder. She will also be joined by a representative from Beat who will provide information about the services the charity offer and answer any questions.

Did you know that eating disorders claim more lives than any other mental illness – one in five of the most seriously affected will die prematurely from the physical consequences or suicide? Eating disorders are a range of conditions that can affect someone physically, psychologically and socially. They are serious mental illnesses and include anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. 

Around 1.25 million men and women in the UK are affected by eating disorders.  Anyone can develop an eating disorder, regardless of their age, sex or cultural background. Young women are most likely to develop an eating disorder, particularly those aged 12 to 20, but older women and men of all ages can also have an eating disorder. Children as young as seven can develop anorexia and there are a greater proportion of boys in this younger age group.
Friday 22nd September

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