Anne Bayati, Midwife, Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Hypnotherapist
This workshop will give you an opportunity to experience hypnotherapy for yourself, if you haven’t done so already. It will provide you with an opportunity to relax and unwind, and then, a process of eliminating any negative thoughts or feelings you may be experiencing and replacing them with positive ones.

Even though you will feel relaxed and drowsy, you will be acutely aware of everything around you and have heightened focus and concentration on what is being suggested to you. This is why it works so well! It is based on self-hypnosis and therefore you will be in complete control.

So why not come along and see for yourself how hypnosis works, how it can benefit everyone and how it's not as weird and alternative after all!

Yoga mats will be provided.
Friday 22nd September

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