Authentic Communication in Love and Life:
​An Experiental Workshop
Haya S. Kalechman, Integrative Psychosexual Somatics and Relationships Therapist
Authentic Communication is the basis of any healthy relationship, whether it be with our partners, children, friends or colleagues.

It allows both communicators to speak from a place of self ownership, responsibility and empowerment as well as showing up in their truth, being heard and strengthening relationships.

Authentic Communication requires the speakers to find the root of their feelings and emotions in the felt sense of their bodymindsoul and to communicate them empathetically and kindly. 

It is a simple art that demands a regular and conscious practice. 

This workshop gives you an opportunity to feel empowered with more aliveness and authenticity and a new vision to create more rewarding relationships,
​Who is Haya Kalechman?

Haya is an Integrative Psychosexual Somatics and Relationships Therapist offering a holistic multi-dimensional approach to women and their loved ones.
Her trainings as a midwife, bodyworker, dance teacher, dance movement psychotherapist and somatic psychosexual therapist, as well a Qi Gong and Taoist instructor and NLP practitioner, allow her to offer a vast, rich and above all very personalised array of tools to improve, expand and reach her clients' full personal, relational and sexual potential. 

She teaches Authentic Communication and Boundaries and Consent work to professionals, individuals, couples and groups.

Her passion is to support women and couples in becoming more embodied, more empowered and more authentic.
Saturday 23rd September

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